Which road do you travel on? 4/23/2015

Today you have a choice. You must get from point A to B there are 3 traveling options. There is no time frame, it's not a race nor competition, you decide.
Route A: On the Freeway, traveling at higher speeds, plugged into your blue tooth participating in a meeting while eating your breakfast, your calendar dinging reminding you of other engagements, rush hour traffic of stop and go, but you still got to point be in an hour. Whew accomplishing so much. almost as if you were on auto-pilot.
Route B: On the two lane highway, windows rolled down, the breeze blowing in your hair, cruise control set, but below the speed limit so you can enjoy enjoy the landscape while being safe driving. You arrived to point B in a few hours and got to see a bald eagle, you braked for a family of deer to cross the road, you for the most part were in the moment.
Route C: Taking the backroads, the roads that do not even have posted speed limits, the roads that one vehice fits down, no cell service, you are completely unplugged and in the midst of nature. You slowed down, stopped and picked berries, you had no map for point B and had to observe your surroundings to forge the pathway that would lead you to the other side. 


Archer was given the option to travel on route C. Having been born without his Corpus Callosum (the picture above depicts the neuron channels). My little boy rocks life. He lacks a few less parts to his brain and does not have an 'interstate' to connect his left and right hemispheres. There are a few two line highways, but for the most part we must train his brain to forge the connections. With proper intervention and consistency we will re-train his brain. He engages more when we slow down, allowing him time to process, and have latency with novelty. Lately he has been showing us that those pathways are being found. He sat unsupported for his daddy's birthday, he vocalized da-da, he is grabbing with purpose using more sight. He may only have done these once or twice but it shows us that these are emerging behaviors. No doubt about it our lives have changed, have slowed down, but with our world today I take the opportunity in open arms to slow down. To enjoy the moment. To celebrate the small successes. To have a new scope on life that is more accepting, patient, kind, and loving. The backroads of life are not all that bad, yes we may get a few flat tires on the way, run out of gas, but we have the faith and support behind us to keep going.                                    Picture

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