May I lean on U 4/8/2015

Today marks the day that I have nearly completed 5 weeks of single parenthood *bless every single parent for their effort and will to provide*. In no way shape or form have my husband and I been separated. He has been brave enough for the last 14 weeks to be apart from our family in pursuit of completing the student teaching requirements of his Elementary Education degree @ UMW. We tried switching Archer back and forth every week. Our little champ toughed it out, he LOVED being with his daddy, but when it came down to it he really just loved being HOME. The environment that is adapted for him to have the best opportunity to use his vision. The colorful Vietnamese mobile with bells hanging above his changing table that signals him he is in his room. When he is lucky enough to take a nap in the comfort of mommy and daddy's bed, maybe even intertwined in our arms, even better between the two of us making us whole as 3 souls! Needless to say home is where the heart is, and our hearts have been covering SO much ground lately. The surface area that the energy of our heart has been covering climbs 3 mountain passes (Badger, Big Hole, Cheif Joesph), crosses through 4 valleys (Beaverhead, Grasshopper, Big Hole, and Bitterroot), travels on 4 highways, and passed between 2 vehicles. If you are a local you get the references, if you don't look them up. The distance between our hearts is hands down one of the top 5 most beautiful drives in Montana. As strong as I needed to be, knowing that I can make it and survive, wow have the last few days been the hardest. And when the going gets rough and your soulmate is not around to lift you up, the dishes are stacked high, you have washed the sick kids laundry but it has created loads of clean unfolded laundry covering your couches (to the point that you can't sit down) a girlfriend or two, maybe even a few helped me today. I vented, I walked in silence, I baby talked, AND I leaned on YOU. My shoulders are heavy, I'm running on empty, but tomorrow we will join in union once again as ABC Sparks! 



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