The summer flew by, just as Archer has been soaring with development! Spending vast amounts of time on the road I often relate route maps and traffic to brain activity and the fluidity of Archer’s neurons. When approaching construction, a slow vehicle, turns, bumps, crossing animals, even pedestrians, really any sort of obstruction in my path, I’m reminded to allow this change in pace to occur. A reflection of how Archer often gets on a pathway ending in a round-about. His central nervous system needing the education to turn, to explore a new pathway. The work of AnatBanielMethod® Neuromovement ® teaches Archer where the turns are, how to slow down and approach with awareness, and ignites his abilities to imaginatively explore his world. Sounds like what childhood use to be, right?!?!

We were very sad for summer to end and daddy's return to teaching kindergarten. But as Brandon started his first week of school, Archer also got back in the saddle of learning with a trip to California. A change in pace fr0m the earlier trips. We met with Sylvia, our ABM® practitioner, for a Focused 4/12 ™, consisting of four focused days, and experiencing 12 optimizing learning lessons. Sylvia encompasses a passion to help children with challenges. She greeted us at her charming studio, full of energizing light, centrally located in the quaint little town of Sebastopol.

This trip fit our style of taking the back roads of life. Arriving in the morning for a lesson, passing the time between, walking around town, adoring the well taken care of homes. I would describe to Archer the various art features, colors of the blooms, patterns of vines, connecting the visual schemes to the smells and feelings grazing past his exposed skin. Rejuvenated with the sun shining down, Archer would take a snooze on my back. As our lungs filled with fresh air, our ribs expanding and compressing in unison. 

Over the week Sylvia was able to capitalize on Archer's development, focusing on the mapping of his feet and the continued activation of his pelvis and spine. Three short lessons a day provided time for Archer to manifest the learning. Working directly in this one-on-one relationship the entire week allowed for optimal growth, as Sylvia was able to amplify the outcomes by knowing exactly where they had left off. The important thing to take note about the ABM® approach is that the practitioner meets the child where they currently are, not forcing a position or movement, more over gently connecting the child to themselves. Here in this state, a learning switch is activated, the child moves with attention, directly connecting with their brain. By providing varying movement, new neuronal pathways are created, allowing the child to draw into the subtle differences of the change in pace.  
Please watch this short clip, Changing the Pace  featuring Archer's lessons with Sylvia.  

We returned in October for a Supervision group, where other practitioners got to experience working with Archer under the supportive expertise of Sylvia. This trip presented new experiences, new routes, and a new on looker, Grammy MO!! With her support I choose to change our pace of the long distance travels. Taking the risk of exiting the interstate. Taking turns leading us down two lane highways, on roads winding amongst countless vineyards, not knowing if service would exist. We navigated mainly from supplied road signs. We put trust into our intuition to get us there. What a change this provided us with! Grammy Mo got to experience ‘the magic’ of Neuromovement® and she is sold! Being there she got to be with her most treasured grandson, seeing him learning and growing in real time.

Grammy Mo was there by my side. A helping hand, to fed Archer, to bathe Archer, to clothe Archer, to read to him and put him to bed. Not only that but also, to be my companion, to be my supportive mother, to be my relief so I could take a breath in peace. This could be you…! Have you been thinking about a vacation? Fly to Reno, Archer and I will pick you up! Come keep Archer company, as I drive the lengthy Donner pass, dropping into wine country and arriving into a sun filled vacation, all while helping support us! I promise you this change in pace is worth every second. 

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